Redefining Talent management. It starts before before you hire, not after!

Nov 16, 2016

A lot of new buzzwords have entered the HR universe in the past decade. While we understand many of those, there is a larger number of those we do not know much about. That is because many of the traditional theories or concepts of Human resources have undergone a significant change in how they are defined. At the heart of that change is one of the most essential roles of HR – Talent Management.

Talent management as we knew it is has acquired a new meaning that is more relevant for our new workforce and workplace. We cannot start the process of managing talent after an individual is hired, has performed and been evaluated. That approach is outdated in the world of rapidly shifting talent equations and paradigms. Talent management starts as early as your decision to evaluate and choose a recruitment software. The moment you start assessing available options for what they offer, you have indirectly or subconsciously factored in parameters that you will be choosing your talent on – because that is the kind of software that you will choose.

Therefore, we need to re-align our thought process to understand that we start our process of managing talent when we define parameters for the type of talent we want in our organization. That is followed by the approach we believe is best suited to help us find this talent from a vast pool of people in the marketplace, and the implementation of that approach.

So for the HR professional, the change in mindset from being a recruiter to becoming accountable for talent management is critical. The importance and process of making this transition has been under-rated in the past. But, it is truly a change from being only tactical in how one views the function of recruitment, hiring and selection to becoming strategic. That is the value that HR can bring to the business. The value comes with being able to assess and articulate which kind of systems and platforms support your people as well as business goals. Spire’s TALENTSHIP enables you to articulate that as well as execute in a way that you can convert your recruitment process to a talent management one.

The moment you shift to Intelligent #TalentAcquisition you have redefined your talent management strategy to make it more inclusive and expansive beyond the older definition. How you choose to hire, has long term implications on your business areas. Which platform you use to hire, has deep-rooted results that cannot be reversed easily if it does not guide you to the right talent. Therefore the connect between talent management and recruitment is far greater today than ever.

Image Courtesy Freepik