Context, a recruitment panacea Spire Talent Acquisition- Intelligence based Hiring Technology Contextual search & match for 70% interview-to-select, 50% cost savings, 40% time-to-hire decrease

Corporate recruitment is about fitting the right talent to the right job which seems simple indeed with both demand (job description) and supply (resumes) digitized. However, the discovery of relevant talent rarely generates euphoria due to challenge in quantifying – how much ‘right fit’ is the best available talent or whether ‘better fit’ talent is available and overlooked. Existing ATS automation tools only provide workflow automation and basic search options for hiring. Enterprise recruiters need contextual search and match technology to get results based on the relevance of talent to the enterprise, rather than search query.


Spire Talent Acquisition complements your ATS to help hire the most relevant talent, instantly

Spire Acqura Features

Spire Talent Acquisition is an operational analytics and hiring solution which can accurately match and map candidate resumes to job descriptions and vice versa like a domain expert. It gives 95% accuracy in contextual search and 80% accuracy in bi-directional mapping which is way ahead than what existing systems do. Spire Talent Acquisition can search up to a mind-boggling 1300 parameters in a matter of few seconds and process thousands of resumes in a few hours, accurately pin-pointing the ‘right’ resumes with contextual intelligence analytics. It can even map competitor data and schedule interviews across locations.

Spire Talent Acquisition can simultaneously process resumes from multiple locations such as job portals, company career pages and social media. To top this, it compares multiple formats including word documents, pdfs, html, emails or just plain text files against each other.

Overall benefits-with Spire-TalentVista


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