Artificial Intelligence: Riding the Wave of Transformation in HR

Jan 20, 2017

You may be one of the millions who love the speech recognition function on your smartphone, play sophisticated digital chess on your computer, or are looking forward to riding in a driverless vehicle. If so, you are already enjoying just a few of the myriad benefits due to advances in artificial intelligence.

The Role of Intelligent Machines

All intelligent machines incorporate the technology we refer to as artificial intelligence. The code of such machines and tools incorporate programming that guides the unit to react to differing circumstances and react in a variety of ways. This approach allows such machines to incorporate and utilize one or more characteristics such as reasoning, learning, planning and problem solving.

Combined, these and other capabilities have supported the development of Machine Learning. A major advantage of this concept is that a computer continually improves its own performance. It does this by deducing certain conclusions, identifying patterns, enhancing classification systems, and other human-like processes.

While AI is actually a subset of the field of computer science, it is also made of a number of subsets, such as strong, weak, narrow and general AI. While these are fascinating areas to study, our focus at Spire Technologies is to continually identify and integrate the best of these concepts into our human capital management software.

Moving HR beyond Filling Cabinets and Traditional Databases

The demands placed on today’s HR departments continue to grow and become more complex. At the same time, many of these vital parts of growing companies grapple daily with antiquated ATS and data systems not much better than rolodexes. On the other hand, properly used AI offers a ten-fold increase in performance of many HR tasks.

Our team at Spire recognized these coming changes, and we adopted the mission of responding to them with the latest in technology and concepts. The result is an industry-leading approach that integrates the power behind artificial intelligence and Machine Learning with the unique capabilities of contextual intelligence. The innovative and transformative result of these efforts is our Spire TalentSHIP© Contextual Talent Science and AI Platform.

This may seem to be a complex name, yet it is the shortest way to introduce the HR industry’s most advanced and state-of-the-art suite of talent management product.

The TalentSHIP products address all dimensions of the human capital chain. For example, instead of an unstructured digital file of CVs, our platform can instantly sort through and screen thousands of candidates and produce a ranked list of most qualified and relevant candidates.

Importantly, our use of technologies such as AI establish relevance to your organization’s specific need and talent requirements. Your brand is enhanced when the pool of talent you most desire experiences an engagement process that is personalized, focused and productive for both sides.