Build Vs Buy-How to Decide on the Way Forward

Feb 18, 2017

One of the fundamental issues that face executives in critical positions is that of “Buy or Build.” For example, choosing the right balance between acquisitions and investing in organic growth is a standard strategic challenge for C-Level executives.

Analogously, HR professionals face the pivotal question: Do I seek out seasoned personnel and bring them in, or do I develop the talent I need internally. The more aggressive the growth path of an organization, the more vital it is to get this answer right.

However, the simple fact is that most HR departments and corporate executives do not have the data and insights they need to drive this decision-making process efficiently. Traditional HR solutions are one-dimensional and fragmented, unable to provide a contextual or holistic view of the existing talent base.

For example, the only way to properly address this human capital management and investment quandary is to have answers to such essential questions as:

• Do any current team members have the skills required for new or needed positions?

• If not, does the need allow enough time to develop a current employee sufficiently and affordably to take on this role?

• Is it reasonable to expect even a talented individual to acquire and gain proficiency with the needed skills in the time available?

• If it is possible, what are the costs and total investment of such training and development efforts?

These and other important questions, such as what alternatives are available in the marketplace, must be answered if the solution is to be optimized. Unfortunately, while these are straightforward elements of information that every HR department should have, it is a rarity that they do.

Recognizing this critical need, Spire Innovations has developed the tools to address this, and a full range of similar challenges faced by today’s HR departments. We take pride in providing the most comprehensive and accurate Talent Intelligence available. That is only one of the many benefits you’ll find exclusively in our SPIRE TalentSHIP® suite of products.

We also enjoy backing up this bold promise by providing you with case studies and hard data from some of the most competitive businesses in the marketplace. Our Contextual Talent Science and AI Platform innovatively combines the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to completely transform the entire talent acquisition, development and management process.

The contextual analytics and real-time data provided by our Platform takes the guesswork out of the above questions. The answers you have access to make it easy to determine if current team members can be adequately leveraged. At the same time, if there is a shortfall, you know exactly the skill set you must recruit – and have the specific and actionable data to provide your recruiters.

When you are called on to answer the Buy or Build question, rely on the Spire solution to help you choose with confidence and assurance.