Candidate Perspective: How to improve the Hiring Process?

Nov 05, 2016

The growth of the Internet has spurred a revolution in the hiring process. Posting resumes online and reviewing large number of digital applicants is now the norm for many job-seekers and companies. However, this first phase of the digital hiring revolution has also introduced a number of shortcomings.

While 73 percent of individuals in the age group of 18-34 years report that they found their current job via social networks, less than 2 percent of today’s applicants even get to the point of an interview. Even resumes that are viewed average less than six seconds of attention from recruiters. The numbers made possible by online posting are daunting, with one site reporting 427,000 new resumes , are posted every week of the year.

And even when candidates do get to the interview process, it is often a demoralizing and unsuccessful step. Applicants will encounter:

• Recruiters who schedule pointless interviews to meet their numbers, not the needs or talent of the applicant.

• Managers who are not properly trained or focused on the process of conducting interviews.

• Outdated ATS systems that don’t properly match candidates with job descriptions.

Making the Process Productive

Recruiting and hiring is a necessity for any growing and competitive organization. It is also a process that requires a great deal of money and human resources. However, at Spire we constantly find organizations using formerly state-of-the-art ATS recruiting systems. Unfortunately, these programs are primitive by the standards of today’s capabilities, such as you will find in our TalentSHIP® Contextual Talent Science Platform.

The contextual technology that underlies our approach to effective HR management provides real-time data and results from intelligent searches of all candidate resumes. Far more advanced than mere keyword tags, our platform provides relevant matches based on candidate experience, skills and training with specific job descriptions.

The results of this automated search provide recruiters with qualified prospects. Likewise, those candidates are not subjected to pointless and counterproductive interviews.

In addition to providing the core advantage of using contextual intelligence to match candidates with job descriptions, Spire adds new power to existing ATS platforms. Social media is an increasingly essential part of the recruitment process. To ensure our clients are taking full advantage of that trend, we enable recruiters to engage with candidates at several levels with our contextual #TalentSocial network.

Today’s HR world is often the perfect representation of having too much data and too little relevant information. Our contextual intelligence eliminates the dumb data and replaces it with real-time and relevant insights and actionable information.

The demands for intelligent HR are here today and affect job-seekers, employees and all levels of management. Spire brings machine learning and artificial intelligence to the process to create a win-win for all concerned.