Cloning your best performers using technology

Jan 11, 2016

When you find a great employee who performs well on a consistent basis that can be priceless. Your employees are your greatest asset so you want to find as many of the great ones as possible. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find amazing employees. Technology can help you in this category. It can be done using algorithm-based contextual intelligence technology.

Why You Should Clone Your Best Performers

you can clone your best employees and their best behaviour. Your best employees can account for the majority of your business. If you continue to rely on them alone for accomplishing objectives every month, they will get burnt and stop performing the way you are used to. Even worse, they could decide that they do not want to continue working that hard and pulling the weight of others. They may choose to change companies and then you have lost your best performers.

Other Options for Top Performers

If you do not choose to use technology to clone your best performers, you have other options but they are flawed. One way is to buy the talent by spending a lot of money to attract employees who have proven track records. The problem with this is that it is expensive and not scalable. You can only spend so much on top talent before the well runs dry. Another option is to enlist the help of a sales methodology training firm for your sales team. This can provide them with a new way to sell in order to be more successful but the problem with this is that the methodology is not unique to your organization.

What Makes Technology Cloning Better

When you choose to clone the best performers from your organization, then it creates the opportunity to transform talent completely from the inside. Through the use of algorithm-based contextual intelligence technology, companies get valuable insights on talent performance, skill proficiencies, and returns on investments, advice on restructuring, better job rotation plans and many such critical analytics. All these help determine who the best candidates are, what needs to be done to raise their professional value and retain them, areas of training, forging mentor-mentee relationships, etc. The key is to figure out what is working for your best employees and apply the knowledge to help other employees as well.