Cloning Top Performers: No Longer Just a Dream

Feb 16, 2017

The progress and ongoing positive news in cloning organisms is exciting. It has also caused more than one HR managers and C-Level executive to dream about the ability to use that technology to replicate key performers and top talent.

Solving the Talent DNA Equation

While the literal act of recreating cells is still the magic of laboratories, our transformative work at Spire is producing near-miracles in HR departments. Our commitment to integrating and applying the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Contextual Intelligence to the human capital management process is the power behind these advances.

The SPIRE TalentSHIP© is a suite of five talent management products that empower HR departments with unprecedented accuracy in evaluating talent content. Working with multiple sources of internal information of any type and in any format, you are provided with Talent Intelligence that starts with identifying the best recruits and nurturing them through the hiring process. This advantage alone provides a competitive advantage and ROI available from no other HR offering.

Replicating the Best, Eliminating the Worst

However, the ongoing management of your Talent Database provides both top-down and granular insights that facilitate talent development, advancement and retention. Through this entire process, you are provided specific metrics and analytics that identify top performers and the elements that support their success. This is where the concept of “cloning” that talent becomes a reasonable objective.

With this information, you can identify the skills, training, knowledge and experiences that create and reinforce your best performers. Importantly, those insights and hard numbers are also invaluable in identifying skills and training gaps in the rest of your talent base. This knowledge facilitates the effort to set and raise the bar for your other team members.

Of course, you can see that not only does the power of the SPIRE TalentSHIP© Contextual Talent Science & AI Platform help you develop your top performers; it provides the same analytics for the other side of the equation. The Contextual Talent Analytics identify the poor performers, and they help you decide if additional investment in development is warranted.

Leveraging this power one further dimension, the information your Talent Platform is acquiring is continually tailored and modified to your specific needs and environment. The Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence fuel a constantly refined feedback loop to your recruiters to focus on the best hires and avoid those who you know won’t work out.

Fortunately for you, this is not the fantasy technology you see in movies and read in books. Rather, we have numerous clients who provide solid evidence of improvements such as:

• Increased revenues

• Lowered costs

• Enhanced profits

Contact us today and we will provide you with case studies that illustrate SPIRE TalentSHIP©The work and news in cloning organisms has caused more than one HR managers and C-Level executive to dream about the ability to use that technology to replicate key performers and top talent.