Combining Machine Learning & Contextual Intelligence optimally

Nov 30, 2016

One of the most important aspects of today's incredible technology is how it is so often transparent to us while we are using it. One of the most important capabilities that make that possible is the rapidly growing implementation of Machine Learning.

Providing Results without Explicit Programming

For decades, computers were only as good as the specific program giving them the instructions on how to function. However, advances in the concept of Machine Learning now allow many applications to get the job done effectively by learning and adapting to the task that is assigned.

It is Machine Learning that makes the idea of automated automobiles practical, and the same technology that provides us with more powerful search engines.

We at Spire, are experts at utilizing Machine Learning technology in our SpireTalentSHIP platform. However, we have taken that capability and made it transformative in Human Capital management by integrating it with contextual intelligence.

The SpireTalentSHIP provides our clients with a cloud-based Contextual Intelligence (CI) Platform which uses machine learning to comprehend unstructured textual data. Additionally, the innovative tools we provide analyze the data it collects in an intelligent and contextual manner.

What this means to you and your talent acquisition, development and management process is nothing less than revolutionary. The combination of these two technologies has the power to provide you with structured, contextual talent data. In addition to that, the platform gains even more intelligence as you use it, thus increasing its ability to efficiently match your HR data in the context of specific organizational talent needs and requirements.

Eliminating the Barriers to Talent Optimization

If you are relying on an outdated ATS and other limited tools, you know the obstacles to doing your job effectively, including:

- Inadequate access to all the needed sources of data, resumes, and applicants

- Unstructured and ineffective data that you have to try and sort through

- Inability to effectively match the best candidate with the best position

- Lack of overall flow to the total HR picture

We have designed our Contextual Talent Science Platform to not only eliminate those and other barriers, but to also provide you with much more. Our clients access a suite of five applications that literally transform your approach to managing the human capital chain.

While we speak of technology here to make you aware of why this platform is so innovative, the real news is in the concrete results that it allows you to achieve. The benefits are extensive and quantitative. Just a sampling of how Spire changes your HR world includes:

- 80% improvement in bi-directional mapping

- 95% accuracy in contextual search

- Enhanced use of the Internet as a talent source

- Significant improvements in talent forecasting