Contextual Data Analysis and Intelligence

Oct 26, 2016

A reference point.
The why and how?
A Context!

Misunderstandings result when ‘context’ is not understood. Instead, when we listen well, search to understand, converse two-way and make the effort to see the full picture, we get hold of ‘context’. Gaps reduce. A whole lot of things change. We understand better, build better relationships, learn more and improve the quality of life.

Hence, ‘Context’ is not just a simple word whose meaning in the oxford dictionary reads -

The circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood.

The parts of something written or spoken that immediately precede and follow a word or passage and clarify its meaning.

The above is almost a mechanical way of defining ‘context’. It does not grasp how humans feel about context. However, there is an irony to this. Human intelligence can and will build Artificial Intelligence that will perform Contextual Data Analytics such that the comprehension is exactly human-like. This would be a leap in our evolution. When technology exactly mimics human ways; or behaves the way the laws of the universe do.

‘Contextualizing’ Data is a Fine Capability

Of course searching is akin to Googling in this century. When we search for something in Google, Google crawls and digs out matching results from all over the humungous web. It indexes and sorts pages by pulling out only those which contain the search strings. We are so used to getting most of our queries answered via search engines so much so that we forget that this capability itself marks a turning point in how humans use machines to get the information they want.

Contextual Search is the Next Turning Point

‘Contextualization’ in the truest and deepest way is the next leap forward in computing, imperative in conjunction with Big Data, the unprecedented amount of data that is scattered all over the world and hugely available in today’s times. Easy connectivity with internet, clouds, advent of smart phones and the unstoppable spur in Internet of Things (IoT) – all augment Big Data.

For enterprises, harnessing Big Data could make a million-dollar difference. Golden insights obtained from data mining are sure to impact business decisions. It is the time now. Humanity is on the brink wherein, in addition to Contextual Data Analysis (based on Machine Learning), many other advanced techniques of data mapping are also expected to proliferate and change the way we think, work and carry on our lives every single day. Applying information and knowledge obtained by deep diving the unexplored realms of data will inevitably change everything. A new wave of intelligence and advanced contextualization is on the way.

The irony in life is that there are two ways to obtain knowledge. One, by intuition. And the other, by ways and means of intellectualization - research, queries, interrogation ... over time. Which one is better?

Perhaps there will be a point in evolution when humans will make machines that could intuit. A great instance of human intelligence that will be!