Contextual Talent Analytics: The CHRO's Magic Wand

Dec 20, 2016

While C-level responsibilities have evolved rapidly for all executives, the many challenges of the Chief Human Resource Officer are unique. Ever-changing regulations, shifting corporate talent needs and priorities, increasingly competitive space for critical positions are all just a few of the plates the CHRO has to keep spinning.

Aladdin’s Lamp or a Magic Wand?

If you are in that vital role, it’s easy to understand how you might fantasize about finding a way to grant just a few wishes to get the job done. These might include:

• Having a top-down view of your entire organizational talent database, with details of each employee’s skills, experience, capabilities and skill gaps.

• Ensuring that each hire is just the right individual with just the right skills for each position.

• Providing management with the strategic insights they need for corporate growth, restructuring, and/or talent deployment.

• Exploring social media and all relevant external sources to maximize your qualified talent pool and keep candidates engaged.

Fortunately, you no longer have to fantasize about having black magic at hand. While some of the capabilities we offer at Spire Technologies may seem nearly miraculous, they are instead based on solid science.

The Power of Contextual Intelligence

Our goal at Spire has been to develop the industry’s most comprehensive approach to managing the human capital chain. Our efforts have produced the Spire TalentSHIP© Contextual Talent Science and AI Platform. You’ll find this suite of five talent transformation products serves as effectively as any magic wand in granting your wishes – and much more.

The problem for today’s CHRO isn’t information. In fact, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the massive amounts of unstructured and random data available about every candidate you might consider. The real challenge is providing contextual analytics that make sense out of that data overload.

The effectiveness of the unmatched Spire approach lies in our successful integration of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Contextual Technologies. Not only does the Spire TalentSHIP© holistic approach give you immediate and usable results, it improves with every use. Your existing HR textual information is the base from which a true talent management platform is built.

The “magic” that our platform delivers is the result of our careful design to provide you with the relevant and structured data you need in the context of your specific functional areas of recruitment, training, development and every aspect of talent management.

Image Courtesy Freepik