About Us

Spire [geot country=”United States”]Innovations[/geot][geot exclude_country=”United States”]Technologies[/geot] is a company that generates contextual meaning out of ANY content whether it is text, audio or video. We have built world’s first Context Intelligence Platform offered as PaaS which can be applied to any functional domain in any industry.


Our vision is to redefine search and match technology to deliver contextual business outcomes.

Spire is a context intelligence company

The Spire context intelligence platform is a game-changer due to two unique capabilities.

  • Unstructured data comprehension- In today’s era of Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things), machines which compute data are able to do so only for structured data, hence leaving behind 90% of data which is unstructured. Till date, machines have been unable to compute unstructured data which is qualitative and remains unexplored. Spire technology is a pioneer in converting this unstructured, multi-format, qualitative data into comprehensible and analyzable formats.

  • Contextual data analytics– While data and data analysis are ‘objective’, data interpretation is ‘relative’, i.e., it is ‘contextual’. Spire recognizes this importance of context and hence all analyses done for business applications by the platform are in the context of the enterprise (user). Spire uses proprietary context clouds for contextual search, match and data analytics.

In short, the Spire context intelligence platform understands data making it far more meaningful and useful with far-reaching efficiency and cost savings for organizations. Spire Context Intelligence Platform has in real-time proven –

  • – 95% accuracy in contextual search
  • – 80% accuracy in demand-supply mapping

The Spire’s contextual intelligence platform can be applied to finance, SCM, legal, education, defence, risks and in any other domain.

To Spire has instantiated the power of the context intelligence platform in the human capital domain as – Spire TalentSHIP – since this domain is characterized by one of the most complex, dynamic and qualitative data by nature.

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Historic milestones

2006: Intense research activities were started at advanced business management schools such as IIM – Bangalore, UCLA Anderson – Los Angeles, SDA Bocconi – Milano, CityU – Hong Kong

2007: Spire [geot country=”United States”]Innovations[/geot][geot exclude_country=”United States”]Technologies[/geot] Inc. founded by Saurabh Jain

2008: Spire context intelligence platform designed and developed

2009: Product launched

2011: Journey of transforming businesses and human capital of our global enterprise customers A new journey of transforming businesses and human capital of global enterprise customers begins

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