Gain Maximum Access to Candidate Data: From Internet, Internal & External Sources

Nov 23, 2016

If you are in-charge of hiring, you face the challenge of sorting through a great deal of data to find all you can about top applicants. In fact, you will find several excellent sources providing tips on how to find the best candidates.

A number of these sources will refer you to professional recruiting agencies or other outsourced resources. Others will make the point that social media is now an essential part of the intelligence-gathering process.

Make-Do or Make it Happen

The reality is that these sources are effectively acknowledging that most companies are relying on antiquated ATS and fragmented recruiting processes. The need to turn to multiple sources for information on candidate’s leads to an inefficient and cumbersome approach to finding vetting the best possible hires.

This situation also often forces HR departments to rely on those expensive external agencies and services to aid in the process of finding and screening candidates. Unfortunately, even when potential hires are identified there is still no holistic way to match each candidate to the best possible position.

In simple terms, this antiquated approach does not utilize the capabilities of modern technology. The lack of front-end intelligence in the process severely limits the prospects of success. Thankfully, there is now a solution that does leap over those hurdles to effective recruitment and hiring.

Creating the Perfect Storm of Data and the Way to Tame It

That solution, and a great deal more, is found in our Spire TalentSHIP© contextual talent science platform. We have developed a suite of 5 unique applications that give you the power of talent transformation – through the entire human capital chain.

These products work together and are empowered with the science of Machine Learning. This capability allows you to not only access multiple levels of data, but also to utilize built-in algorithms that provide unmatched accuracy. Even more powerful, that accuracy improves over time with the intelligence of Machine Learning.

Think for a moment of how many sources you attempt to tap when you use those tips predicated with non-intelligent ATS. Then imagine the power and simplicity of efficiently access resumes and applications from:

• Your organizational data

• Internet social media

• External sources such as job boards and databases

With this information, all on one screen, you start ahead of the game. Then, with your access to the Spire TalentSHIP© platform, that data is transformed into optimal matches between talent and positions.

The benefits to using such advanced technology provide quantifiable benefits to your HR process (up to 40% time saved and 73% improvement in interview-to-select metrics) and the entire organization. We can show you results that yield:

• Cost savings of 9%

• Revenue increases of 9%

• Profit enhancement of 5.4%

Why try to do your job with unstructured and subjective data? We have the technology and applications that take that data and allows you to mine it for the hidden talent gold. Call us and we can provide case studies and use cases to answer any of your questions.

Start transforming your talent acquisition and management process today.

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