Intelligent Talent Forecasting & Location Planning

Mar 06, 2017

Since the 80s, management at all levels has possessed the ability to run sophisticated “what-if” scenarios with spread sheets and similar tools. Properly forecasting staffing needs and location requirements is one of the most important variables with which C-Level executives have to grapple. It is, in fact, an essential element of competitiveness in today’s business environment.

Unfortunately, this is often a frustrating experience because most existing HR software only provides raw personnel numbers by categories, and only in a historic perspective. While this is a starting point, it provides little insight into the actual, real-time talent base and talent needs of the organization, much less the related costs of recruitment, development and retention activities.

Adding Meaning and Depth to the Numbers

Recognizing this and other significant deficiencies in automating the needs of the human capital supply chain, Spire Innovations has developed the solutions. By combining the transformative power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in a Contextual Intelligence platform, the SPIRE TalentSHIP© empowers decision-makers like no other HR product. This comprehensive ability to proactively address your Talent Base needs and forecasting delivers a true competitive edge.

The Contextual Talent Science and AI Platform provide by Spire delivers unprecedented accuracy when evaluating your inputs from any format, type and source of talent content. This alone provides unequalled insights to the HR process and delivers real, quantifiable benefits. However, this is only the beginning of the talent intelligence you are provided. The insights and analytics you gain when using our five integrated solutions allow both top-down and bottom up assessment and management of the entire Talent Base.

The Spire Contextual Platform’s dashboard delivers this accurate, integrated and real-time data-rich information and analytics through a single window into your current and future Talent Base. Even more, our solution integrates a sophisticated location planner to aid in choosing preferred locations and evaluating cost optimization options.

Our field-tested and innovative approach to critical HR challenges delivers a number of benefits to the areas of talent forecasting. However, there is much more. The forecasts you will work with are integrated with other corporate needs such as:

• Goal versus capability mapping

• Organizational restructuring

• Proactive risk mitigation

• ROI analysis for investments in the human capital chain relative to various goals

Proactive and comprehensive talent forecasting and location planning cannot be left to guesswork and historic numbers. Enhance your competitive positioning by contacting us today and learn how companies have produced greater revenue at lower costs and generated higher profits with Spire. We’ll be pleased to provide demos and case studies that provide specific examples of how the Spire Contextual Talent Science and AI Platform brings your HR capabilities into the 21st century.