Internal Mobility with Real-Time Analytics

Mar 03, 2017

As companies seek to survive and grow in an increasingly competitive environment, sufficient access to adequate talent becomes ever more determinative of success. As a result identifying, hiring, developing and retaining the best possible Talent Base is now a C-Level priority. Unfortunately, far too many HR departments do not have the capabilities or resources to assure success in this vital area of competitiveness.

Supporting Local, National and Global Growth

Compounding these challenges is the reality that many companies must now support organic growth with internal resources. While the situation opens up many new opportunities for team members, including global openings, it also strains the human capital supply chain.

The concept of Internal Mobility has evolved to address this global environment. The thinking behind the idea of spreading talent around an organization and developing greater mobility of the talent base is well intentioned. However, lacking the necessary insights and analytics of your organizations Talent Base can make such mobility a major source of tension and operational efficiency.

Recognizing this as just one of the modern challenges to HR departments and C-Level executive, Spire Innovations has stepped into the growing gap. With its SPIRE TalentSHIP© suite of products, Spire is the leading provider of contextual-driven human capital management solutions. The suite of transformative products that comprise the Spire Contextual Talent Science & AI Platform provide real-time analytics and top-down insights into every aspect of talent management and development.

That is the specific information needed, but usually unavailable, to optimize decisions related to mobility and staffing at all levels. With Spire’s innovative marriage of Contextual Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, you have granular information and data that merges into a holistic view of your total talent picture. This includes today’s status as well as a detailed look into the future in all aspects of your talent resources, including Talent Deployment and Mobility.

Taking a Proactive Stance

You now have the ability to manage your human capital and resources, rather than being constantly confounded by challenges in that area. We love providing struggling companies with data on the results our clients have achieved with the Spire Contextual Platform. We can show you how to achieve efficiencies in all areas of your HR efforts,like a 75% reduction in Talent Deployment time and 50% reduction in Talent Deployment costs .

As importantly, the SPIRE TalentSHIP offers significant operational benefits in the area of increase revenue, reduced costs, and enhanced profits. Contact us today and we will provide you with case studies that clearly illustrate how you can achieve the benefits of Internal Mobility as a plus for your organization.