Leveraging HR Analytics in Talent Development

Dec 23, 2016

As never before, each organization’s HR has the potential of accessing significant data and analytics to aid in human capital management. Properly leveraging the concept of Big Data provides guidance at every step of talent management from recruiting to development. Possessing this relevant and precise information empowers managers and enables strategic decision makers.

Rather than relying on guesswork and traditional criteria, HR planners and managers can use these metrics and analytics to more efficiently oversee all aspects of the training and development cycle, starting with Training Need Identification. These capabilities extend to the ability to effectively evaluate and monitor the training programs and procedures used.

Mining and Processing the Data

The reality, of course, is that simply having massive amounts of information achieves very little. The power of Big Data lies in the effective evaluation and utilization of that potential treasure of information.

We have long understood this potential of Big Data to transform the HR mission and execution. To capture that potential, we have married the latest in several technologies to provide a powerful suite of five unique products in our Spire TalentSHIP©. These products employ the latest advances in:

• Artificial Intelligence

• Machine Learning

• Contextual Intelligence

While we show great pride in how these tools are combined to provide our Contextual Talent Science Platform, the real excitement we feel is in the way this technology empowers our clients.

The application of our platform in the field has provided us with solid examples of objective improvements in the competitiveness and productivity of our clients. These remarkable results are made possible using our contextual intelligence approach through all aspects of the talent identification, recruitment, hiring, training, and development process.

These insights are the long-awaited Holy Grail of talent management that allows more efficient development and deployment of talent in all areas of the organization as well as making wiser near-term staffing and training decisions. The Spire approach addresses the long-term concerns about talent and Learning Development Programs.

With contextual intelligence and accurate analytics, you can address everything from tracking and developing high-potential personnel. Our platform also makes the process of succession planning more realistic and effective.

A combination of contextual intelligence and HR analytics can give a complete visual dashboard of skills and competencies of entire organization's talent for smarter deployment and intra-company career path analysis.

Image Courtesy Freepik