Man Machine Collaboration in Recruitment

Dec 24, 2015

One of the most important challenges faced by HR leaders is in recruitment. Whether hiring C-level executives, individual contributors or temporary staff, recruiters need to quickly locate and hire people who are expected to meet the needs of organizations. Time is of particular importance. While recruiters spend lot of time searching for the right candidates. With increasing competitive pressures and huge volume of resumes, these operational searches and efforts are tantamount to failure.

The Traditional Recruitment Model is Broken

Just as extended searches are obsolete, the rapidly changing workplace can no more rely on the traditional recruitment model. Orthodox executive search, where a recruiter somehow contacts and personally curates a handful of candidates is time consuming and invariably affected for better or worse by the recruiter’s personal biases. Larger scale hires – for service representatives, sales people and engineers – are also bogged down by antiquated, manually driven processes.

Today’s workplaces need human-like intelligence enabled by algorithm-based machine computing to transform their HR into a strategy driven function to make the best of available and future talent.

Contextual Analytics – the Core of a New Recruitment Paradigm

Contextual analytics, a core capability of Spire’s talent acquisition product - Acqura™ is giving leading organizations the ability to quantify, accelerate, improve and make the recruitment process intelligent.

Acqura is a contextual talent search and hiring analytics platform. Its powerful search can scour thousands of resumes and job descriptions in a few hours using even up to 1300 different parameters at one go. In addition, it processes data of any format from any source simultaneously reducing recruiter effort significantly. Acqura pinpoints at only exactly matched resumes in a contextual manner improving the quality of hiring.

Acqura’s real value goes even further. It gives in-depth talent analytics which give immense insights to CHROs/CEOs/investors enabling them to make more accurate data-driven decisions and even impact bottom line.

Results that Drive Organization Success

Spire’s Acqura transforms talent acquisition into an agile, effective and a productive process for companies.

  • 40% reduction in time to hire

  • 50% reduction in recruiter effort

  • 73% interview-to-selection ratio, as opposed to the normal 30%

  • A completely auditable candidate selection process promoting bias-free recruiting

Algorithm-based contextual technology helps companies beat the odds and hire only the most relevant and diverse candidates in a bias-free manner. It gives the opportunity to relook at an otherwise opaque HR data in an intelligent manner and make the most of it.