Spire TalentSHIP® recognized as the ‘Best Technology in HR Analytics’ at the 24thWorld HRD Congress, 2016

Spire Announces Global Launch of TalentSHIP® 2.0 – Contextual Talent Search and Intelligence Technology

San Francisco, March 7, 2016
  • TalentSHIP® 2.0 integrates internet, internal and external talent pools, and provides a single window for intelligent talent analytics enabling insightful decisions.

  • Spire TalentSHIP® has been globally acclaimed as ‘Best Technology for HR Analytics’ due to its game changing capability of 95% accuracy in analyzing unstructured HR Big Data.

Contextual search and intelligence company, Spire [geot country=”United States”]Innovations[/geot][geot exclude_country=”United States”]Technologies[/geot] has launched TalentSHIP® 2.0, the advanced version of its enterprise talent product.

The first version which was launched in December 2013 has been successfully used by several large global enterprises and is acclaimed by the existing customers for its ability to provide instant insights for talent decisions and increase revenue per employee. It was also globally recognized as the ‘Best Technology in HR Analytics’ recently.

TalentSHIP® 2.0 is a complete modular suite of 5 talent transformation products which complement all existing HR automation systems. It is cloud-hosted, infinitely scalable and easily accessible as an app on tablets, mobile phones, laptops and any new generation devices.

Based on proprietary Spire Context Intelligence Platform (SCIP), TalentSHIP® 2.0 is arguably the only such platform wherein talent data from 3 different sources – namely worldwide web, internal and external talent data – can be viewed, compared and used to make decisions in a single window. Existing HR technologies deal with only one of these sources at any given point.

Existing HR technologies are successful workflow automations but they offer minimal operational excellence analytics. This need gap is addressed by Spire TalentSHIP® 2.0 which can be utilized across the entire human capital supply chain – namely talent social/CRM, talent acquisition, talent deployment and talent management.

Saurabh Jain, Founder & CEO, Spire [geot country=”United States”]Innovations[/geot][geot exclude_country=”United States”]Technologies[/geot], “People are at the center of any business and their abilities are connected with business decisions, outcomes and goals. We recognize this fact and present TalentSHIP® 2.0 which transforms business and people outcomes with contextual intelligence technology. It complements all existing HR systems and people who manage these systems. This collaboration is changing the understanding of just how much more global enterprises can achieve in the HR domain with real-time operational analytics.”

TalentSHIP® 2.0 – What’s new?

1. Social engagement and recruiting – external talent SCM
Contextual search technology to locate, attract and engage candidates in a social ecosystem. It enables organizations to build, own and manage their own talent social ecosystem.

2. Internal talent SCM
Real-time scenario building and optimization of human capital deployment for maximizing revenues. Complements HCM products with contextual analytics for quantified organizational design.

3. Talent Planning
Visually analyzable talent dashboards for strategic and astounding profitable decisions enable chief executives to visualize and predict people-based decision outcomes all at a single click.

Major benefits

1. Direct impact on profitability
Customers using TalentSHIP® 2.0 have seen direct impact on their revenues and profits by linking talent compute to business outcomes.

2. Enables HR to be a strategic partner for board-level decisions
Shortest time to insights enabling smarter and faster talent decisions to position HR professionals as fact-based strategic partners for board level decisions.

3. Makes existing HR systems intelligent
TalentSHIP® 2.0 makes any/all existing HR systems contextually intelligent. It can seamlessly integrate with them

4. Agility and scalability
The core platform is extremely agile and highly scalable. It self-learns the ever changing context of organizations.

TalentSHIP® 2.0’s critical success factors

1. Unstructured HR data comprehension: The Spire platform deciphers HR unstructured data and gives ‘context’ to data, quantifies and analyzes it. Thus reading HR data the way humans do.

2. Contextual data analysis of HR data: Spire uses proprietary context clouds for contextual analysis giving 95% accuracy in contextual search and 80% accuracy in demand-supply mapping. Thus, the Spire platform understands and interprets HR data like domain experts.

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