Tangible Talent Spire Talent Development – Capability Planning & Transformation Complement HCM products with contextual analytics for quantified organizational design

Enterprise capability in combination with all its collective skills, abilities and expertise of people – form its identity and persona. These attributes are difficult to measure, yet these very capabilities are a significant confidence booster for investors. However, executives often pay less attention to these intangibles as they are difficult to measure.

Enterprises need technology to identify, train and maximize their talent potential to stay ahead in the marketplace in tandem to their business goals. But, existing HR automation systems do not have the intelligence to identify, train and equip an employee to take on responsibility of a different role. Most training programs are standard modules which don’t necessarily help fill existing skill gaps.


Spire Talent Development – Quantified Organizational Design; right talent at right time for right position

Spire PotentioScape Features

Spire Talent Development complements your existing HCM tool with contextual analytics for strategic talent capability planning and transformation to meet the evolving needs of your business. Enterprises need to continuously identify the ‘right’ talent for leadership and succession planning; design and even personalize correct training programs and align talent development to their overall goals. While companies mostly do this offline, Spire Talent Development does this online in real-time and various ‘what-if’ scenarios.

Spire Talent Development helps to discover, match and analyze the potential of each employee in an organization by providing a personalized career path visibility to them. Its contextual forecasting lets companies reduce training costs in absolute, as well as L&D cost/employee in advance. It helps manage attrition or re-hiring by enabling cross-training and engaging employees meaningfully. Employees can personally keep track of their skill development and plan career paths within companies leading to a high degree of employee stickiness and loyalty.

Overall benefits with Spire PotentioScape


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