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Complementarity theory i.e. whole is greater than the sum of its parts is most experienced in enterprises with its people. Therefore, it is obligatory that all enterprise executive decisions are implemented post a comprehensive analysis of how people would be effected or how people will effect them. However, chief executives today do not have any visualization platform which allows them to theoretically experiment with scenarios before taking critical decisions.

Any investment decision can be holistic only when it entails existing talent analytics. During a complex restructuring process, companies need to wisely shuffle their talent pool. Companies need to know whether their talent pool is delivering results as per their overall business plan and goals. Before they undertake any restructuring it certainly would be great if they could simulate possible results with definitive analytics and obtain knowledge on risks involved well in advance.


Spire Talent Plan, Monitior & Control enable chief executives to visualize and predict people-based decision outcomes all at a single click

Spire PrediQuik Features

Spire Talent Plan, Monitior & Control empowers top decision makers to assess the value of their existing and future investments in comparison to their talent competence and goals. It is an organization’s contextual talent interpreter and advisor for making strategic decisions.

Spire Talent Plan, Monitior & Control allows decision makers to predict results by testing different ‘what-if’ scenarios by way of dashboards in real-time until their assumed inputs are fine-tuned enough to give desired results vis-à-vis detailed analytics on talent (skill and gap) capabilities. This way business leaders could understand risks and plan mitigation in advance.

Spire Talent Plan, Monitior & Control predicts possible ‘what-if’ scenarios, cost implications and risks involved in organizational restructuring in relation to talent capital. This enables decision makers to optimally redesign restructuring. Companies could accordingly leverage succession planning, make employee engagement strategies, manage employee mobility and geo-specific relocations, manage attrition, manage rewards and incentives.

Overall benefits with Spire PrediQuik


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