Recruiter's Life Made Easy with Contextual Talent Analytics

Jan 31, 2017

Even as technology has made the process of finding the ideal candidate easier in some respects, it has raised significant new hurdles as well. While the recruiter now has access to thousands of prospects from both internal and web-based sources, this sheer volume of information overwhelms outdated ATS and HR systems

Sorting through the Haystack

Without any ability to organize and prioritize the information provided by resumes and other sources, the recruiter faces a nearly impossible task. This is the reason so many outsource candidate screening to outside agencies and, in the end, must rely on guesswork and instincts.

In addition to the human bias and inaccuracies introduced by this process, it has no assurance of matching candidates to organizational needs. Moreover, there is little likelihood of finding the best candidates with such a limited ability to sort through candidate qualifications and experiences.

Fortunately, today’s most competitive companies have access to a solution to this problem. Spire Technologies has developed the magnet to find that needle within the recruitment haystack.

Applying Sophisticated Technology Solutions to the HR Problem

You will find SPIRE TalentSHIP© provides the best and most comprehensive solution today for the challenges of human capital management. We have combined the unique attributes and power of Machine Learning and artificial intelligence with a contextual intelligence framework in an unmatched Talent Science Platform. Our suite of five talent transformation products produces insights and real-time analytics to provide your organization with unprecedented Talent Intelligence.

Our innovative approach and technology allows you to possess and utilize contextual information that is produced using your HR data along with any level of external input. Even more significantly, this contextual artificial intelligence utilizes Machine Learning concepts that continually develops, refines and enhances your specific HR algorithms. This analysis of your data and information produces analytics that facilitate increasingly accurate matches and insights.

These capabilities allow SPIRE TalentSHIP© to turn that great influx of external data into a competitive advantage rather than an administrative burden. Our state-of-the-art technology synergies empower your HR processes as never before. You are able to carefully and comprehensively screen all available candidates and inputs, precisely screening and matching them against your specified needs by talent, experience and other criteria. Thus, it gives you the ability to find the right candidate quickly, engage with and hire that individual, and then manage & develop that talent.

Image Courtesy Freepik