Reduce Agency and Branding Costs While Recruiting Only Relevant Candidates

Apr 22, 2016

Consumers continuously form opinions on products; from bananas to batteries to cars to clothes, based on experience and impressions they gather from names and products of companies every day. These constructs are ‘brands’. Ultimately, it is brand recall that matters in the business world. It is just about how a particular product is perceived and what it means to customers.

Social sites are the most obvious and easiest places to be at and to get noticed. Everybody hangs out in social spaces to converse and connect with people in an informal and facilitated digital environment. Since the outreach is good, social sites are ideal for organized branding and hiring campaigns.

Social Sites Are Ideal Platforms for Human Resources to Forge Connections with Their Audience

Companies connect with a wide range of their audience. Future and existing employees, customers, vendors, board members, executives and more.

Increasingly, in today’s digital world, most people and professionals take job decisions based on their impressions on possible employers, often through interactions and virtual conversations. They show interest in companies which have active presence in social media.

Since social media is informal and attractive, it is an unavoidable place of advantage for HR. HR is a critical and strategic part of corporate branding. Why? Because the key stakeholders – people (existing employees and future employees) are at the center. It is their talent and skills which drive performance. What they think and feel about companies has an influential impact.

Companies must definitely leverage social sites for bigger benefits. The flip side is that companies have to comply and operate within the rules of these social media platforms.

Companies Can Create Their Own Unique Social Ecosystems with Talent Social

Spire recognizes the importance of ‘context’ in businesses and pioneered Contextual Intelligence technology, which has been instantiated in the HR domain.

Talent Social recognizes the dire importance of social recruiting. It lets companies create their own social talent ecosystem with the purpose to locate, identify, attract, engage, validate and convert passive job seekers into potential employees. It gamifies and enables the idea of recruiting in the contemporary social style for businesses. The advantage is that companies can create and include their own business rules in the interface. Employer branding comes free and as would guess, recruiting costs and recruiter effort get reduced.

Contextual Intelligence is the Distinguishing Factor of Talent Social’s Social Sourcing Capabilities

While it is very convenient to say that social sites could be used to attract candidates, one misses out on the actual gravity of the process. Apart from those who voluntarily respond, wouldn’t it be empowering to search all the social sites and attract professionals into the social platform to get the best and relevant talent? Talent Social does this. It scours not only social spaces, but also the entire internet which contains thousands of digital footprints – richer data related to job seekers, their skills and behaviour.

Talent Social uses Contextual Intelligence technology which has the capability to make sense from any type and format of data, especially which is typically textual in nature and hard for conventional systems to decipher. It is an enterprise solution for recruiting and engaging with future candidates. With interactive features and metrics such as Engagement Index and Richness Index, HR professionals develop cordial relationships with potential candidates. There are high chances that these candidates respond when job openings arise.

Qualified Pool of Resumes, Relevant Candidates, Cost Savings and Employer Branding

Another big advantage with Talent Social is that recruiters get to create a QTB – Qualified Talent Bank – consisting of updated resumes of apt candidates for their organizations. This Talent Bank could be accessed anytime.

Companies spend significantly on staffing and recruiting agencies to find the right candidates. Talent Social helps cut these costs and reduces time-to-hire significantly. By developing meaningful relationships in the pre-application phase, recruiters get an edge over competitors. The passive job seekers become familiar with a company’s thought process, brand value and perspectives in advance.