Richness Index: Harness the Power of Contextual Search

Feb 22, 2017

If the old bromide of haystacks and needles didn’t exist, the one of a flood of prospects and the ideal candidate would serve as a replacement. Specifically, today’s recruiters are overwhelmed with a veritable mountain of resumes and CVs coming in from multiple sources.

Moreover, they have inadequate resources to efficiently and effectively identify company needs with the CVs they do evaluate. Antiquated HR software uses flat keyword searches that both produce irrelevant matches and miss prime candidates.

Technology to the Rescue

Just as the magnet can solve the needle problem, the Spire TalentSHIP’s Acqura™ technology offers a transformative solution to the recruiting and hiring process. Our Contextual Search and Intelligence Platform empowers recruiters by producing an innovative Richness Index. This technology actually ranks candidates with a never-before-available accuracy and efficiency.

The Acqura solution uses smart algorithms and contextual intelligence to search out specific skill sets in individual resumes, profiles and even cover letters. It then evaluates and weights those skills against job descriptions while assigning a Profile Richness index score. Instead of those mere keywords, Acqura can assess 1,300 discrete parameters with 95 percent accuracy, all in mere seconds.

Only Spire’s technology allows you to scan and convert thousands of resumes into sorted and ranked data that identifies relevant candidates in just a few hours. Instead of relying on guess work and luck, recruiters are freed to nurture and curate those candidates who are the best candidates for each available position.

This capability alone provides unmatchable ROI in any HR department. However, significant as this capability is, it is just one component of the advanced solutions available with the Spire TalentSHIP® suite of products. Our mission is to empower you in each aspect of managing your human capital supply chain.

We achieve that goal by marrying the capabilities inherent in Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, and contextual analysis. Together, these technologies allow you to take multiple forms of unstructured data and information and reduce them to useful, contextual and accurate insights to your talent base and needs.

Whether you are seeking to add specific capabilities from external recruits or develop those skills internally, our Contextual Platform allows you to optimize those decisions. Our clients report significant improvements in hard performance numbers and overall HR efficiencies. For example, the operational improvements reported by Spire clients include metrics such as:

• 1% increase in top line revenue

• 50% reduction in recruiter effort

• 40% reduction in Time to hire

These are numbers that change an organization’s competitive stance, and we would be pleased to provide you with case studies that show just how Spire can help you achieve such results. Contact us to day and learn more about the transformative power of our Spire TalentSHIP® suite of products.