The rise of new-generation technologies in Recruitment

Dec 08, 2016

In just a little over one decade, the recruiting industry has become dependent on the Internet and digital resumes. It is as inconceivable today for someone to not use email as it was to ignore the “new-fangled telephone” a century ago.

Burdened by Legacy Systems

In spite of these advances, far too many recruiters and HR departments are still relying on what are now antiquated ATS technologies. Not only are the systems inherently limited, they are unable to integrate many of the new tools and technologies available today. While they were a major leap forward in the 20th century, these systems still rely on “dumb” keyword searches and unstructured data from multiple sources.

The simple reality is the now-indispensable digital gateway has also created the recruiter’s biggest challenge – sifting through thousands of applicants from candidates. Compounding the problem is the fact that these potential hires are commonly from the global job pool, not just local job-seekers.

While it would seem that greatly increasing the job pool would lead to better quality of hires, the opposite is often the case without empowerment from advanced technology. The flood of resumes limits the time each one receives. This means cursory reviews of only a few seconds that fail to provide the insights needed to match aspirants precisely with the talent needed for each positon.

Additionally, the multiple sources of information – external, internal and web-based job boards – further aggravate the situation by adding to the volume of data without any context or analysis.

Technology that Transforms Talent Acquisition

While this paints a dreary picture for recruiters, we at Spire Technologies take pride in shining a bright light solution to that situation. Rather than seeking incremental improvement on last century’s approach to ATS and all phases of the human capital chain, we’ve transformed the entire process.

We have taken the catalytic technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning and combined them with a contextual intelligence framework. This innovative construct has produced our SPIRE TalentSHIP©. This AI based Contextual Talent Science Platform provides a comprehensive solution to the tasks of talent acquisition, development, management and retention.

These combined technologies provide both a structure and context to any type HR data from any source. The result provides never-before-available tools to your recruiter. However, the benefits and capabilities go far beyond this initial HR requirement. This platform provides you with a seamless transfer of information from applicant to new hire to employee.

While it is common to look at HR investments only from the expense side of the P&L, Spire’s solution provides positive contributions to revenue, profits, and overall productivity.

If the concept of contextual intelligence is new to you, we can demonstrate what this technology means to your company’s human capital chain and ongoing market success. Call us today for a case study that demonstrates how our clients use our Contextual Talent Science Platform to stand above their competitors.

Image Courtesy Freepik