The role of Data Analytics in streamlining the Hiring Process

Feb 08, 2017

Many executives still see the hiring process as a necessary evil foisted off to the HR department. Those who have this attitude are committing one of the gravest management errors possible. These same executives demand great care and diligence be invested in finding quality vendors and seeking the best customers.

However, the true source of competitive advantage lies in a company’s talent base, and the hiring process is the gateway to the entirety of that critical resource. As the first critical step in the human capital chain, the process of identifying, curating and bringing on board the best possible candidates demands the best possible resources and procedures.

Our team at Spire has made the entire talent management task our priority. As a result, our concept starts with the goal of making hiring the most efficient and productive investment a company makes.

That goal is achievable due to the power of the SPIRE TalentSHIP® suite of products. From managing prospect resumes to handling the development of training to planning for organizational growth, TalentSHIP provides you with the tools, analytics, and context for making the right talent decisions and investments.

This power is rooted in the unique synergy derived from our integration of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in a contextual framework, creating the Spire Contextual Talent Science & AI Platform. This unique and unequalled platform allows you to utilize our 5 integrated talent transformation products in all aspects of your talent acquisition, development and management.

Importantly, the SPIRE TalentSHIP is not just some cold and limited computer database you find with many other HR products. Quite the opposite, our Data Analytics provide a personalized dimension to your HR function you will find in no other product. We don’t stop at automating the HR process – we empower the HR department and all other executives with the ability to see talent in a contextual framework.

Even more important, that context is continually refined and updated to the specific culture and needs of your own organization. This is made possible by the Machine Learning capabilities and other technologies included in our platform.

Far too many HR departments today are locked in a data death spiral. With the Internet and multiplying sources, they are attempting to filter and manage an overwhelming number of recruits and data elements. Only then are they faced with the next challenge; interpreting a mass of data and matching that with specific organizational talent needs.

From providing the data analytics to find and nurture the best possible talent to ensuring the long-term retention of that talent, SPIRE TalentSHIP has the capability to convert HR from a reluctant expense to a competitive advantage.