Simulation Technology- Now It’s More than a Game

Feb 10, 2017

One of the earliest boons to management flexibility was the introduction of the spreadsheet “What-If” function. This provided the ability to run endless scenarios against a base set of assumptions, supporting the search for an optimal solution.

Likewise, gaming advances now allow individuals to create and test different realities and permutations of a plot line. While these games have grown to incredibly complex forms of entertainment, they have inspired powerful real-world applications for business.

HR technology has largely failed to keep up with these new capabilities, but the technology that Spire Technologies has built helps to bridge this significant gap between the existing HR technology and HR department requirements.

We approached the challenge with a vision to create a talent management framework that takes advantage of these and other state-of-the-art advances in technology. Our unprecedented efforts have provided the HR world with SPIRE TalentSHIP® to transform the entire human capital management chain.

The suite of five products in the Contextual Talent Science & AI Platform provides an integrated approach to all aspects of the HR continuum. From empowering the recruitment process to developing talent to more efficiently deploying available resources, SPIRE TalentSHIP® delivers accuracy and context for any type, format or source of talent content.

However, we didn’t stop at providing this remarkable evolutionary leap in the HR space. Our unequalled platform also introduces advanced simulation and modelling to HR and C-level executives. Spire’s platform provides a never-before- available top-down view of an organization’s total talent capital portfolio management with usable and real-time HR analytics.

This detailed data structured in a usable format allows the evaluation of multiple scenarios to address existing skills and talent gaps, performance metrics, and varied planning scenarios. By allowing a comparison of costs involved with various scenarios it is possible to react to dynamic situations for relocations, talent rotations, restructuring and even downsizing.

Prior to the empowerment of Spire’s transformative products management was handicapped with trial-and-error and incremental efforts to deal with an ever-changing business environment. Our simulation capabilities allow the HR function to be approached in a proactive, rather than reactive manner.

Using the structured data created by the Contextual Talent Science & AI Platform makes it possible to simulate and update strategic and tactical directions without the usual guesswork. The cost savings are significant, and helps in improving any organization’s competitive positioning, Spire delivers even more. With more efficient recruiting, targeted talent development, and greatly improved talent retention HR departments report savings of as much as 50%.

As these results show, HR is not a game to our team at Spire. Contact us today and we will provide field-tested case studies that show how you can bring your HR capabilities to an entirely new level.