Social Media: Efficiently Putting this Great Source of Talent to Work

Dec 29, 2016

The growth in the use of social media provides today’s recruiters with a wealth of new sources to identify and nurture exceptional talent, but, the challenge is finding the best ways to approach this highly unstructured world of information. These social media channels provide the recruiter with an aggregate pool of more than 500 million users to filter.

A Source You Can’t Ignore

In fact, the growing importance of social media makes it an area you simply cannot ignore. The newest generations of potential recruits see the power of social media as a two-way street. You can find them, but they also expect to find you and be accessible via their most comfortable form of communication. Not only is social media a repository of vital information and contacts, it is the real-time form of nurturing which these candidates expect.

Instead of the traditional outbound search for potential hires, the concept of social media creates an environment of two-way communication. This creates a level of engagement that recruiters can leverage in an extremely effective manner.

However, as with other HR data, this immense pool of candidates also creates a disadvantage when it comes to identifying and cultivating the best and most relevant candidates. Much as recruiters who rely on first-generation ATS are at a tremendous disadvantage, those who attempt to troll the social media oceans face real obstacles.

Using Modern Technology to Capitalize on Social Media

Our focus at Spire has always been on using technology intelligently. In fulfilling our mission, we have succeeded in marrying the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Contextual Intelligence to create transformative products. Our suite of solutions provided in SPIRE TalentSHIP© provides you with the unprecedented ability to accurately match available talent with talent needs.

Our innovative approach to managing the human capital chain starts at the point of recruitment and carries our clients through all aspects of hiring, training, development and talent management. You are given the analytics and structured data that provides the best matches between your talent resources and organizational needs.

Of course, our tools are proven to be exceptionally effective at the recruiting level of the talent acquisition challenge. Your recruiters are empowered to use that massive amount of talent available through social media, other sources, and your internal talent base to identify the most relevant candidates for each specific position. Thus, equipped with the best options, the recruiter can initiate immediate contact and begin the nurturing process.

Image Courtesy Freepik