Sourcing Talent from the Internet

Mar 24, 2016

84% organizations are using social media to recruit and another 9% are planning to do so. 82% are using social media to recruit passive candidates and two-thirds are leveraging mobile recruiting by targeting smartphone users.
- SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), 2016

Using social media to recruit employees is becoming a common tactic. More and more HR professionals are turning to internet and particularly to social media to verify backgrounds and behaviour of prospective candidates and also to source them. There is an increasing need for tools that clearly identify the best of the lot from the ocean of digital data of all types. Technologies need to match available skill sets with job requirements accurately, especially with increasing demand for highly qualified talent.

Creating Context From Data is the Key

"Besides cross-referencing internal data with a plethora of other sources, we need algorithms to boil off the noise and extract the signals, or real human meaning, from the data. ... To do this you must apply complex algorithms derived from machine learning, computational linguistics, and natural language processing to harvest the key words."

The challenge with harnessing data from the internet and social media is that it mostly exists and gets generated in an unstructured manner i.e., it is very textual in nature. Machines can comprehend words as bits and bytes, but what about making meaning out of them? Without understanding the meaning of words and the relationships between words, it does not make much sense to go about exploring the internet and social media.

Using technology based on a contextual platform can help achieve this since it has the capability to place the data in the right ‘context.’ A contextual platform comprehends the meaning of words and interprets data the way human recruiters do.

Advanced Algorithms

The Spire contextual intelligence platform has been instantiated for social sourcing. TalentVistaTM uses advanced algorithms that enable 90% accuracy in contextual search and 85% accuracy in demand (job descriptions) and jobs (resumes) matching.

TalentVistaTM locates, attracts and engages with potential candidates after finding them using contextual search and match method. It scours the entire internet in a matter of seconds, pulling out both active and passive job seekers’ data. Advanced analytics help obtain in-depth skills metrics. Organizations can create their own social ecosystem and use it to connect and converse with candidates without depending on public social media spaces.

The benefits are many. Recruiters get to reduce time-to-hire and at the same time amiable relationships with potential candidates. Candidate experience is enriched and employer branding comes free. Most important of all, recruiters get to create a qualified talent bank consisting of potential hand-picked resumes which could be accessed on-demand.