Talent Talent Everywhere, Still the challenge to recruit?

Dec 10, 2015

Talent is everywhere. Can you think of getting it in for your organization and build a rich qualified talent bank?

Didn’t get how? Read on...

A rich qualified talent bank can provide ‘right’ candidates whenever vacancies arise. Also, it gives two other most important benefits. One, richer profiles of candidates not limited to their CVs. Two, enhanced employer branding.

So how does one build a diverse, rich and qualified talent bank especially since talent traffic is very dynamic in any organization and HR data the most unstructured by nature?

Build Your Own Talent Ecosystem

Normally while hiring, there is always an onslaught of well-meaning yet indecipherable candidate data.

Each time you need to hire someone to fill a new position, you probably go through a frustrating number of all-too-familiar steps; particularly if you are hiring within a single department for similar positions. In spite of this rote process, hiring activities never level off and become less time-consuming and energy draining. What if you could maintain a talent database or an ecosystem filled with potentially qualified people? A fingertip access is all you need to decide what to do next after logging in to assess ready reckoner data on a likely pool of qualified candidates.

Spire’s TalentVista™ uses algorithm-based contextual search and intelligence capabilities to search the entire web and pull out only ‘relevant’ data suited to the unique rules of a business and its talent needs. Subsequently, it helps create a social ecosystem for attracting, engaging and retaining both passive and active job seekers.

More importantly, your potential new hires will consist of the perfect diverse fit for the positions from around the globe or locations of choice. Particularly helpful when setting up new facilities.

Build a Rich and diverse Talent Pool

As is often the case in the futuristic approach to business, contextual intelligence relies on the internet and all of its capabilities and resources to help create and nurture an environment teeming with active/passive ‘qualified’ job candidates. One of the most popular structures that abounds in modern society is the online virtual community. There are forums, discussion groups, social communities, tweets, posts, blogs and a whole range of digital footprints to serve nearly any interest, affinity, activity or occupation. With so much potential for collaboration with like-minded candidates, there is no reason for companies to not embrace, adopt and adapt this living medium for connecting with the most important stakeholders – potential future employees.

Below are 7 features that the contextually intelligent Spire TalentVista™ offers -

  • Locating ‘right’ talent and building a qualified talent bank: TalentVista™ applies the rules of sales and marketing to talent search. One can look for specific talent - in geographical area/s of choice, personality disposition, professional backgrounds, etc. and start engaging with them. A rich qualified talent bank can thus be built and maintained.

  • Outplacement intelligence: Organizational restructuring might trigger layoffs. Sudden termination, planned resignations and extended leaves can be effectively dealt with a readily available qualified talent bank which could help fill vacancies faster with the ‘right’ candidates.

  • Advanced social talent analytics: One of the biggest advantages of contextual intelligence is that it computes all kinds of available talent related data, be it in any format with human-like intelligence. Take a deeper look into a candidate’s personality and skills profile. Understand them better. This is a significant plus vis-à-vis most ATS systems which offer only basic searches.

  • Web 2.0 features for collaboration and subscriptions: TalentVista™ is based on the latest Web 2.0 offering advanced UI options which is friendlier to candidates of all age groups and could be accessed from any device.

  • Candidate Relationship Management and employer branding: Companies get to create their own talent social ecosystem and use it to foster goodwill and mutually enriching professional relationships with potential candidates. There is also the additional benefit of enhancing brand image.

With the contextual intelligence approach, by the time you are ready to host face-to-face interviews with candidates, you will have a deeper and meaningful understanding of the ‘relevancy’ of their skills and disposition to your organization. You will be able to consciously foster diversity and weave in fresher perspectives by recruiting apt talent.