Social Transformation of talent sourcingSpire TalentSocial- Social Ecosystem & Candidate Relationship Management Contextual search technology to locate, attract & engage candidates in a social ecosystem

Job vacancies in organizations can be eliminated by creating and maintaining a continuously active, accurate and qualified talent bank. However, external talent is very dynamic and internal exits are so unpredictable making this challenge unsurmountable using the current processes. Spire technology has a solution to this.

Today, skilled professionals including both active and passive job seekers as well as college graduates, all hang out abundantly in virtual social communities. Enterprise HRs should build and own social ecosystems which continuously attracts talent, contextually locate relevant people, engage with them over interactive interfaces and have instant conversations when necessary. However, enterprises are limited within the confines of few social platforms where their presence and engagement is limited to a minor number of potential candidates and shared with competitors.


TalentSocial enables an enterprise to build, own and operate its own talent social ecosystem

Spire TalentVista Features

A typical day in a recruiter’s life can be enhanced and made more productive with TalentSocial. Imagine logging in to a cool interface and getting ready reckoner data on how to engage potential candidates to convert them into employees.

Spire TalentSocial applies the rules of sales and marketing to recruitment. It is a contextually intelligent social networking and collaboration tool that locates, attracts, engages and motivates passive and active job seekers. Recruiters and hiring managers can raise and fill job requisitions via transparent communication using TalentSocial. It performs advanced social talent analytics and gamifies employee engagement. Candidates can stay connected even via mobile devices in a comfortable UI environment packed with friendly features.

Overall benefits-with Spire-TalentVista


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