Meta-analysis Epoch Spire Talent Deployment – Internal Talent SCM & ORM Real-time scenario building and optimization of Human Capital deployment for maximizing revenues

Human capital is the most unpredictable resource. Enterprise leadership is always innovating to maximize its talent leverage through new projects, closing/opening of new facilities and job rotations. It is important for them to reflect on these actions, build and sustain employee morale and keep them progressively involved. This is best possible by understanding skill gaps and proficiencies of their talent capital and also use the knowledge to engage unproductive employees. However, business heads and CHROs face an epic challenge in identifying the optimized investment for skills due to lack of adequate talent quantification. Especially, since work environment are dynamic and talent traffic is unstructured making real-time iterations a distant dream.


Spire Talent Deployment is a user-friendly meta-analysis technology to maximize enterprise output

Businesses are currently unable to map talent competence data with mere keyword search. Spire Talent Deployment helps make a direct impact on revenue/employee and is an enabler to retaining talent. Companies can understand skill gaps, plan resource allocation, training and job rotations across locations well in advance. Also reactions to real time aberration are enabled through real time scenario building allowing a constraint free planning.

Spire Talent Deployment gives an organization a bird’s eye view of its entire talent capital skills, gaps, performance and future planning scenario along with costs involved. It helps deploy and utilize talent in various dynamic circumstances (job rotations, relocations, restructuring, downsizing, etc.) that companies undergo from time-to-time using simulation modelling techniques. Its powerful ‘skills factorial’ analytics offers multiple insights towards cutting costs, comparing skill gaps, engaging potential employees, identifying training needs, forging mentor-mentee relationships and many more.

Overall benefits with Spire TalentMap


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