An Intelligent ParadigmSpire TalentSHIP® – Contextual Talent ‘Right-fit’ Technology Cloud based analytics for 5.4% enhancement in profits and 70% increase in HR efficiency

Human capital is the fulcrum of enterprise success and an enterprise which manages its talent chain with dexterity will be the one to succeed. However, C-suite managers are often seen grappling with talent issues because at the core lies the grey area of managing an individual within an enterprise context. To make matters more complex, talent definition, evaluation and benchmarks continue to be descriptive, limiting the use of process automation which are currently used by HR functions.

Spire TalentSHIP® is an enterprise’s passport to intelligent talent computing. It is a cloud based technology that complements existing HR systems, however less or more automated they might be, with ‘contextual’ decision support analytics. This is imperative because every enterprise is unique and all issues, especially fitment of talent are contextual to it and cannot be aggregated or applied elsewhere. Spire TalentSHIP® enables all that which recruiters and decision makers have always wanted to achieve but could not.

Spire TalentSHIP® is a complete modular suite of 5 talent transformation solutions, which can be individually utilized across the five parts of talent chain (talent planning, talent sourcing, talent acquisition, talent deployment, talent management) or in entirety for the greatest impact. With Spire’s talent computing solutions, in addition to achieving positive business outcomes in the form of increase in revenue and decrease in costs, organizations can also measure and audit these results.


Spire TalentSHIP® is your key to take talent computing to the next level and positively impact business outcomes

Contextual Talent ‘Right-fit’ Technology

HR data is mostly unstructured by nature. Resumes, job descriptions, company rules and management plans with respect to talent are dynamic – they keep changing all the time. Legacy automation systems (HRIS, HRMS, ATS, HCM, WFM) which exist in the market are limited in enhancing business value since they do only linear processing with minimal analytics.


Our technology differentiators

  • Spire technology is contextually intelligent. It has two unique capabilities which play the critical role in enabling positive business outcomes.
    • 1. Unstructured Data Comprehension (90% talent data is descriptive & unstructured)
    • 2. Contextual Data Analysis (because organizational context is always unique)
  • What do we mean by ‘contextual intelligence’?
    ‘Contextual intelligence’ is Spire’s proprietary technology. Our technology generates ‘context’ out of both structured and unstructured data of any type of format. It makes data comprehension and interpretation most ‘relevant’ and as ‘accurate’ as possible.
  • While computing talent data, Spire uses a contextual corpus cloud which matches search results to search terms/keywords in a contextually intelligent manner. A simple example: ‘Skills’ are not just exact matches of search terms that are pulled out but instead ranked as per ‘skill proficiency’; and search parameters are answered by a horde of related tags and their relationships. This makes computing ‘richer,’ ‘in-depth’ and ‘pin-pointed’. This results in 95% accuracy in contextual search and 80% accuracy in demand-supply mapping which is by far way ahead of existing systems.
  • Spire TalentSHIP® is based on an advanced ‘search, match, map’ capability which makes talent computing absolutely ‘relevant’ and ‘unique to an organization’s own rules’ with contextual intelligence.
  • Spire cares more about an organization’s ‘own set of business rules’ and applies them to talent computing. Spire’s contextual technology enables organizations to test different rules and business inputs while computing until desired results are obtained. It contextually ‘comprehends’ and ‘interprets’ the way humans do.
  • Existing HR automation systems which are available in the market do not talk to each other. Spire TalentSHIP® does! It could be used as a complementary platform to existing systems or used as standalone modules.



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