The Importance of a Contextually Qualified Talent Bank

Dec 17, 2016

Any executive who has managed growth in a successful company understands the critical issue of matching team members with specific job descriptions and task needs. In fact, there is a vast difference between simply hiring good candidates and instead finding, hiring and developing the right candidate with the right skills for specific jobs.

Finding the Proverbial Needle

Today’s hyper-competitive environment finds significant and increasing investments made in recruiting and staffing by growing and successful organizations. This investment taps into many sources of resumes, data and information on candidates. Accordingly, it is not hard to build a talent bank of thousands of potentially qualified applicants.

However, that large volume of data is most often unstructured and overwhelming. The real challenge is not in getting a large number of applicants but rather finding those candidates who are most relevant to a specific job description. The challenge of finding that prime candidate in the “haystack” of data becomes increasingly unattainable with antiquated ATS and methods.

It is the ability to remove that information-matching obstacle which excites our clients when they implement our Spire TalentSHIP©. This suite of 5 powerful talent transformation modules provides full clarity and focus in the recruitment process. Even more, we have designed and delivered this Contextual Talent Science Platform as the holistic solution to the human capital management challenge.

The Marriage of Multiple Technological Advances

While we are sensitive to the reality that you want a solution, not a technology, we take a great deal of pride in pointing out why Spire TalentSHIP is such a transformative technological solution.

Our platform integrates the power of Artificial Intelligence and Contextual Search to provide your recruiters and managers with pinpointed, most relevant matches between applicants and very specific job descriptions.

We have an 80-95 percent accuracy levels in our matches, a level no other provider comes close to. More importantly, we back up this claim with empirical results from our many highly-satisfied clients – organizations that have truly transformed their talent management ecosystem.

By developing an ever more comprehensive talent bank, TalentSHIP can evaluate the richness of skills required for each position. It then precisely matches those criteria with applicants, ensuring the best use of all available talent.

This breakthrough platform provides recruiters with specific insights to the most relevant candidates. This allows early contact and engagement with targeted applicants, and the ability to nurture the best candidates through multiple hiring cycles.

There is a strong ROI that comes with less reliance on external agencies by maximizing the effectiveness of your HR department and recruiters through maintaining a robust talent bank. If you seek this increased competitiveness, you owe it to yourself and your organization to call us today.

We will provide you with case studies and examples that clearly demonstrate with solid analytics what Spire TalentSHIP will do for your human capital management.

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